APLO X TROUVA: A Guide to Europe's Coolest Independent Boutiques
In the vein of championing the independents, we've been in touch with the guys at Trouva to get the lowdown on some of Europe’s coolest independent boutiques. If you’re escaping the city for a weekend break, and just so happen to find yourself in one of these cities’ side streets and in search for some truly creative homeware finds; then do pop into these Trouva approved boutiques,  have a wander, and maybe stay for the chat and the style tips. We highly recommend it. And if you’re staying a while, we’ve also rounded up some of the coolest hotels in those creative cities so you don’t have to. So if you’re shopping around for an early 2019 weekend break, here’s a shop-and-stay guide that’ll give you a much needed dose of Less Ordinary inspiration this January. 
1. Copenhagen - Townsfolk 
There’s nothing like adding a dash of Scandi minimalism to your wardrobe. We recommend checking out Townsfolk, a light and airy menswear and lifestyle store in Copenhagen. Despite Copenhagen’s rise as one of Europe’s fashion capitals, it’s still the local businesses like Townsfolk  that are leading the way in terms of creativity. According to Townsfolk’s founder Jonas ‘I think that small shops still stand a fighting chance with the support of independent shoppers,’ and with Townsfolk’s beautifully curated contemporary menswear collection, its clear that Jonas isn’t going anywhere. 
Here are our top three picks from Townsfolk, all available in Trouva. If you’re in Copenhagen and looking for a place to rest your feet and indulge in a glass of gløgg (hot red wine with spiced rum) then check out Hotel SP34 for a minimal Danish weekend stay. 

2. Amsterdam - de werkwinkel + meer 
De werkwinkel + meer is a graphically inspired lifestyle boutique on Amsterdam’s in Amsterdam’s Czaar Peterstraat district. Its founder, Lian Aelman, takes inspiration from her background in graphic design and  showcases everything from local artworks to eccentric home decor. According to Lian, this shop-meets-studio space, is all about ‘bringing people, products, and stories together’ and that’s a concept we can definitely get behind. 
Here are our top picks from de werkwinkel + meer, and if you’re planning a weekend break in Amsterdam, visit The Student Hotel, a canalside spot that’s all not afraid to play with colour.  
3. Madrid - Mahe Homeware 
Founded in 2014, this dreamy Spanish homeware store is all about natural textures, calming neutral tones, and beautiful artisanal details. Mahe Homeware offers a unique collection that showcases the work of artisans from all around the world, and we’re all for it. We’re all about Mahe’s Loewe meets Gaudi aesthetic, and can’t get enough of Mahe Homeware’s highly sculptural rattan lampshades, Barth baskets, and minimal brass furnishings. 
Here’s our top three picks from stunning Mahe Homeware’s selection; and if you like a colour palette of earthy tones, then you’ll surely love 7 Islas Madrid Hotel too. 
~Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies 
For more information on the boutiques visit www.trouva.co.uk


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