Conversations: Kyle Robinson of Paper Mache Tiger
12 October 2018
If you’ve ever walked around New Cross Street in Islington, then you’ve probably come across Paper Mache Tiger. Their unique showroom/boutique/cafe hybrid space is a white wash wonder that combines some of London’s coolest independent brands, and some damn good coffee. All this was the brainchild of Kyle Robinson, who by the way, is also the director of a couple of other buzzy London labels you may have heard of; Être Cécile and Herculie. 
What makes Kyle Robinson and Paper Mache Tiger unique? It’s probably got something to do with how they adapt traditional concepts to fit into Kyle’s genre-bending headspace. Paper Mache Tiger isn’t just an agency or a store or a cafe — it's so much more. A kind of creative lifestyle concept that answers specifically to a myriad of needs unique to people in the industry — a concept that other creatives can definitely get behind.
Tell us a little bit about yourself what you do/your idea/your business does?
My name is Kyle Robinson, and I’m the director of Paper Mache Tiger. We’re an international multi-brand showroom, agency, and store — a hybrid of the fashion, home & garden, and cafe experience. I'm also the director of Être Cécile and Herculie.
What was the spark or Eureka moment for you? Tell us where the idea for your project/business came from?
I wanted to do something for myself. I was meeting and collaborating with so many people through travel, parties, work —  and a network just formed naturally. People started asking me ‘where I’d got this’ orwhat I thought of that’; and I saw an opportunity to make something of my own and went for it.
In what ways do you push the boundaries and try to be ‘Less Ordinary’ with what you do?
Paper Mache Tiger
is more of a platform than an agency or store. In the traditional fashion sense, a showroom used to be a place for press, buying, and styling appointments. But our showroom is such an amazing & unexpected space. It was getting a lot of interest; and so we opened a shop to sit alongside the agency. As an agency working in fashion, we have the pleasure of meeting talented creatives and discovering exciting brands all the time. I wanted to open a space that was an extension of that. Our aim is to create a space that you can experience through touch, smell, and taste.

Leila's on Calvert Avenue
Is there a neighbourhood in London that you feel a real connection to? If so, which neighbourhood, and why?
East London. There’s a sense of community here that I’m really into. Plus a nice mix of pubs, bars, cafes & restaurants. I love that there is always something on. The schools are pretty good too - I have 2 boys..  It’s also close to my shops (Paper Mache Tiger & Être Cécile), showroom, and studios. The pace of life feels a little more chilled out, people feel more relaxed, and it is easy to get around. I love East London’s parks too, especially Victoria Park.
What trusted ‘Less Ordinary’ place in London do you find yourself going back to time and time again?
I’m always at Leila’s on Calvert Avenue for Brunch, The Spurstowe for a pint, and The Smoking Goat in Shoreditch for food, the lardo rice dish is killer.
What are your ‘Less Ordinary’ hidden gems in London? Why do you think it’s special?
Besides Paper Mache Tiger? I grab a weekend coffee at Pavilion Bakery in Victoria Park. Or get dinner with friends at Primeur or Brawn - there’s so many great independent restaurants in the East now & I hang out at the London Fields lido for early morning dips.

Hôtel Saint-Marc, Paris
Which ‘Less Ordinary’ B&Bs, hotels or apartments have you discovered and fell in love with in other cities you travel to?
Just recently I stayed at Palazza Ducale Guarini in Puglia.  In London I like the Bethnal Green Town Hall and In Paris, the Saint Marc Hotel - it’s the best. Also, I like the Hotel Grand Amour  as it’s close to our showroom in Paris. In New York, I like Soho Grand for work and the Marlton Hotel - for some good vibes when I’m on vacation.
Interview by Hannah Tan-Gillies


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