Five Stars from APLO : Our highest rated hotels
4 December 2018
Travel has never been more democratic than it is today, and with so much to discover, who can blame you for feeling a little bit spoilt for choice. We’re all about finding the most beautiful, distinct, and extraordinary places in your city and beyond, and our editor’s go through a ruthless curation process to make sure that we show you only the best of the best, so you don’t have to.
If you’ve ever wondered what it takes for a place to be considered Less Ordinary, let me break it down. Every listing on APLO is rated by three distinctive metrics, beauty, uniqueness, and independence. So when our editors award a certain place on our platform with a 5 star rating, you know that it’s the cream of the proverbial ‘Less Ordinary’ crop. This week, we’ve rounded up a few places on APLO that have received 5 stars all around. Places that are undeniably beautiful, and will surely take your breath away. Prepare to get inspired. 
1 Brooklyn Bridge, New York 
New York is filled with some pretty stunning buildings; and in terms of Less Ordinary, there’s plenty of places that have caught our eye. 1 Brooklyn Bridge in particular, is exceptionally beautiful.  This 194 room concrete stunner is located on the banks of the East River, their rooftop pool boasts what in our opinion, is the best view of the Manhattan skyline. Inside, 1 Brooklyn Bridge is a masterclass of how to do minimalism with warmth. A mix of reclaimed wood, light-filled high ceilings, natural textures, slate banquettes, industrial elements, and earthy concrete tones — all create an atmosphere that’s achingly cool amidst Brooklyn’s urban environs. Not to mention, their pretty amazing living green policy (expect organic cotton sheets and hemp-blend mattresses) means that 1 Brooklyn Bridge is not just style, but also substance. 
G-Rough, Rome 
The words ‘rough’ and ‘luxury’ don’t often go together, but in this special little boutique hotel in Rome, these two are perfectly in sync. Set off the busy Piazza Navona in a converted 17th century Roman Palazzo, amidst the crowded wine-bars, and dimly lit restaurants, everything about G-Rough titillates our Less Ordinary senses. Owner Gabriele Salini has curated everything about G-Rough, even its community. Launching a series of exclusive ‘G-Community’ invite-only events that are often populated by Rome’s design crowd. Each room in the hotel pays homage to a different iconic Italian designer. Think pared back concrete walls, decorated with Ico Parisi sofas, Venini chandeliers, and Gio Ponti Chairs. G-Rough’s distinct charm is all in the juxtapositions, a rugged kind of sophistication that isn’t afraid to let loose and embrace its own stylish quirks. 
Les Cols Pavellons, Garrotxa National Park 
While our Less Ordinary places usually inhabit the world’s most creative cities, we just had to make an exception with Les Cols Pavellons, because this place has truly taken our breath away. Located two hours away from Barcelona, and in the small town of Olot in Garrotxa National Park, Les Cols Pavellons is one of the most unique hotels in the world. At the Les Cols Pavellons, there’s a kind of push and pull between architecture and nature, tradition and modernity. Here, Chef Fina Puigdevall has converted her family’s 13th century Catalan style house into a beautiful 2 Michelin Star restaurant. While the food itself is a feat of complex gastronomic art, the five ‘rooms’ at Le Cols Pavellons are all about simplicity. In an otherworldly feat of architecture, RCR-Aranda-Vilalta-Pigem studio have created a crystal-maze like space that invites its guests to leave the world behind and lose themselves to their surroundings. There are no fancy bed linens, no wifi, and no ceilings; just you, the glass, and the night sky. Now that’s what we call Less Ordinary. 
Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies


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