Is Mare Street Market leading the way for London's hybrid spaces?
5 September 2018
Stylish yet relaxed, contemporary whilst being community-based, Hackney’s latest destination paves the way for a new era of au courant hybrid spaces equipped with all the added atmosphere you didn’t know you needed — until now. Created by serial entrepreneur and hospitality visionary Marc Francis-Baum, this venture feels appropriately pioneering in a scene which is really just getting started. 
From outside you can’t really tell what the Mare Street Market is all about; bushes of foliage  make appearances on the large warehouse windows, flashes of neon, some old school theatre signages, a glimpse of what looks like either a café or a whisky bar. But upon closer inspection, Mare Street Market is exactly advertised and so much more; with everything from pizzas, record store, and brewery, to a florist, podcast studio as well — all carefully curated under one roof.
As Marc told retail platform Appear Here, “I’d seen some interesting projects from people we admire, such as Caravan who have a coffee roasting club. Like them, I wanted to take it one step further beyond just selling food and drink” —and we think this has definitely been a success, mainly because Mare Street Market has achieved that winning formula of retail, food, and design — all of which are chock full of character. The concept is akin to a lifestyle that’s flourished across London’s suburbs in recent years, with a big focus on small, local, independent retailers, bars and cafes.
Capturing the heart of what defines a traditional British market and elevating that with a polished appeal in keeping with the city’s most creative and ambitious crowd, the space is as inviting as any, but with a hidden layer of substance revealed only as you enter through the tall glass doors. Countless little details are what build the Mare Street Market’s character; from the black and white floor tiles, to an eccentric collection of chandeliers, and of course dozens of plants in every shape and size, topped off with a light and open interior to match.
Mare Street Market is a perfect commune for the summer months and above all else, a recognition of less ordinary we’d like to see a little more of. With Mercato Metropolitano turning heads in the South and Mare Street’s quick rise to fame, we foresee this era of creative hybrid spaces lasting for some time. 
Words by Matt Horrocks

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