Our top 10 Best Shoreditch Restaurants
Shoreditch is often referenced as the heart of East London. Here you will find artisanal coffee, stylish independent boutiques, and moustachioed hipsters commuting to work via skateboard. Beyond the graffiti strewn walls of Brick Lane, you will also find a treasure trove of truly fantastic restaurants - as Shoreditch seems to be a magnet for all of London’s most impressive and creative culinary talents. 
From new and exciting openings to tried and tested Shoreditch classics, we’ve talked to all of our coolest friends and rounded up our favourite Shoreditch Restaurants both new and old. So that the next time you find yourself in our neck of the woods - you can literally put your money where your mouth is. 
Top of our list is Bistrotheque. The quintessential East London warehouse style restaurant has consistently made everyone’s hit-lists and with good reason. Trendy but not pretentious, Bistrotheque’s French Bistro inspired menu is reliable but also made with flair. Pablo Flack and David Waddington know exactly what they are doing from the menu to the incredible range of tunes being played in Bistrotheque on any given day. Perfect for casual brunch or a big night out, not to mention — they’ve got a pretty stunning private dining room too. 
This Shoreditch favourite is right around the corner from APLO HQ, and has just received their first Michelin Star. Located in the iconic Tea Building (in a former strip house), this Industrial gem is Tomos Parry’s first solo restaurant, with a focus on the “art of grilling”. Think seasonal ingredients, wood-fired breads, and lots of mouth-watering meat. All cooked perfectly over a wood fire grill, and wonderfully slowly too. 
Leroy is a great Shoreditch corner spot that has certainly caught our eye. Leroy is a kind of remix of that well-loved Michelin-starred London Fields spot Ellory, (an anagram) and earning its own Michelin star within a few months of opening. Leroy is all about subtlety and warmth. Outside, the only indication of it being a restaurant is a cheeky neon sign. Inside, the restaurant makes the most of its eccentric triangular space, with a light and airy colour palette, and marble countertop fronted open kitchen. Expect a pared back version of Ellory’s French Bistro style menu, and a whole lot of wine. 
Directly under Brat, Smoking Goat is another delicious Shoreditch spot that’s best visited before-during-and after a boozy night. Their Aharn Glam Lao (otherwise known as drinking food) menu is made up of street food favourites, that are perfectly accompanied by a nice cold brew in hand. Try the Duck Laab or the famed Lardo Fried Rice; it is the most delicious way to cure your hangover. 
St. John’s Restaurant is a favourite among our featured recommenders, and has been rhapsodised by everyone from star chefs to experience designers. There’s a reason why St.John’s has captivated the palettes of London’s creative community, and its because of their dedication to simple, well made food. They say it best, ‘We try to remember that it started with both purpose and simplicity; Fergus puts it on the plate and Trevor puts it in the glass.'
Located in a converted bike shed underneath the quiet treelined street of Arnold Circus, the Rochelle Canteen is the best spot for a prolonged summer lunch. Absolutely understated, and with an otherworldly charm — the Rochelle Canteen somehow transports you away from noisy Shoreditch and into a world of its own. No wonder it is hailed as the ‘true London gem.’
Lyle’s isn’t exactly new — but there’s a reason that the pared back Shoreditch classic hits all the right notes. Lyle’s isn’t bothered about chasing trends, emphasised by their minimalist interiors and pared back British menu. They do however, have a truly fascinating Guest Series which feature the likes of Enrique Olivera, and Morgan McGlone.  If you’re willing to dive head first into the world of Lyle’s then try their dinner tasting menu. Otherwise, it’s also a lovely spot for lunch — where the ala carte menu certainly has a lot to offer. 
This new Shoreditch opening certainly has the  hipsters of the East End buzzing. From the outside looking in, it looks like a postcard of a classic European bistro. Everything in Gloria looks warm and inviting, as if meant to lure you into a romance with its food. Picture an art-nouveau style mirrored bar, velvet sofas, and of course — flowers in every corner. The food itself is also an homage to the bravura of Italy, and doesn’t hold back. Try the pasta al tartufo, the cheesy pizza, and finally, Filippo’s Big Balls. 
Since opening late last year, St.Leonard’s Restaurant became an favourite within London’s creative scene. The restaurant’s pared back aesthetic is reflected in the menu’s wonderfully simple cuisine, where fresh ingredients reign supreme. Designed by Fabled Studio; the space is “monastic, arboreal, and chic” — and is basically just a breath of fresh air in the heart of buzzy Leonard Street.  Plus, we’re all huge fans of Jackson Boxer and Andrew Clarke -  who have attributed the creation of St.Leonard’s to ‘a very drunken lunch’ in the countryside. More on that on his interview here. 
Summer is the season for Ceviches and Piscos, and so it’s a good thing that this Peruvian favourite has opened its doors in Shoreditch last year. You’ll instantly get a flavour of Pachamama’s vibe from the neon-pink ‘A’ outside its doors on Great Eastern Street. Inside, Pachamama East is an achingly cool space filled with exposed brick, foliage, handsome green tile, and a hefty sprinkling of fairy lights. The menu is split into soil, sea, and land — so you don’t need to you can easily navigate their truly delectable tapas menu too. Perfect spot for a Pisco - or ten. 
Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies

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