PANTONE's Colour of the Year: Living Coral in London
It’s that time of year again, when Pantone announces the much-awaited Colour of the Year, and this year it’s all about Living Coral i.e. PANTONE 16-1546. According to the colour (scientists?) at PANTONE, this lovely hue was chosen as a reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media. Living Coral embodies warmth, buoyancy, and optimism; and is a much needed burst of colour for 2019.
For 20 years, PANTONE’s Colour of the Year has informed some of the biggest trends in the design industry; dominating fashion, architecture, graphic design, and collectively all of our social media colour palettes. Before you start reorganising your Pinterest mood boards, we’ve rounded up some of the best Living Coral-inspired restaurants in London so you can get your Chromatherapy on. We’ll just leave these here.  
Kicking off with the Coral Room, a Martin Brudnizki designed jewel of a cocktail bar in the Bloomsbury Hotel. The Coral Room features an art deco style Calcutta marble bar, stylish tropical motifs, and you guessed it, plenty of coral. It is the perfect spot for some Pantone approved colour-inspiration. Oh - and did we mention they’re also doing a Living Coral inspired non-alcoholic cocktail with Seedlip for Dry January?
According to Neptune’s Instagram, they’ve been swimming in Living Coral the whole year. Which makes sense considering this place looks like it’s been lifted straight off a coral-tinged canvas from Botticelli. (Think mother of pearl dishes, velvet banquettes, and saucy seaside details) Located at the Kimpton Fitzroy, and taking inspiration from the Roman God of the sea himself — this stunning seafood restaurant is undeniably one of the most stylish Living Coral spots in town. 
The Arts Club - Leo's 
Hidden away on the private lower ground floor of the Arts Club, Leo’s is a sophisticated Studio 54-esque space that’s as swanky as it is exclusive. Designed by Dimorestudio and inspired by the Riviera Clubs of the 1960s, it’s easy to get lost in the razzle-dazzle of it all. But this supper club/night club got a cheeky sense of decadence that’s hard to come by these days; and plenty of Living Coral to go around. 
Everything in Aquavit is peppered with a touch of coral; from the stylish rose gold-tinted dining bar to the incredible amount of peach hued Moët Hennessy on offer. After all a meal that looks this good deserves to have some bubbles on the side. One look at any of Michelin-starred Chef Henrik Ritzen’s dishes will surely inspire some truly drool-worthy food photographs, but it is Aquavit’s Living Coral inspired interiors that are really making us hit ‘book now’.
Omar’s PlaceOmar’s Place brings Mediterranean flavours to life through a tapas-focused menu in collaboration with Mallorcan chef, Vicente Fortea. Designed by Sella Concept, Omar’s Place, and it’s peachy colour palette, beautiful terrazzo, sleek brass lighting, and tonal textures is certainly tapping into all of our Living Coral design fantasies. Can we please have more earth-toned ceramics and turquoise marble please in our lives please?
Living Coral

Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies


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