Top 5 Recommendations from Ross Baynham of Instrmnt
7 October 2018
In our APLO Conversations series, we chat with some of London’s most creative people and find out their favourite spots in our city and beyond. We recently caught up with Ross Baynham of Instrmnt and talked about his love for the many considered design, brutalist architecture, and the many complexities of watchmaking. So, if you are looking for a few top recommendations from one of London’s most understated creatives, then here are five of our new favourite spots - care of Ross Baynham.
1. Victoria Miro Gallery, London"Victoria Miro Gallery is such a beautiful piece of architecture internally and externally, nearly always quiet, and usually shows artists’ work who I haven’t heard of."
2. The Barbican, London"The Barbican is very special to me for so many reasons whether that is architecturally, socially, culturally, or aesthetically. For such a sprawling concrete brute of a scheme, the overriding theme is in my opinion — subtlety. The details need time and attention in order to be appreciated. The sense of calm gained from building inwards to shield its residents from the city; the at-first puzzling, but learnable, network of walkways and stairwells to efficiently move visitors and residents across a 10 hectare site. All of these things need patience to see and understand. Yes - there are flaws, but I think overall it is such an outstanding project, and is definitely my favourite place in the city."
3. Rochelle Canteen, London“Buzzing the doorbell off Arnold Circus and being welcomed into their beautiful garden courtyard for a never-not-good lunch is undoubtedly my favourite thing to do in London.”
4. Hotel Henriette, Paris"Tucked down a quiet alley on the left bank of The Seine, the Hotel Henriette  is a special place."
5. The Standard, New York
"The Standard in NYC as it has so many fun memories associated with it. I need to stay in more airbnb’s but when you’re on a business trip and have been working all day and evening, sometimes coming back to a folded towel and neatly arranged contact lenses is greatly appreciated."
Words by Hannah Tan-Gillies

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