Why Copenhagen should be your next Design Destination
When you think of Copenhagen, what springs to mind? The Little Mermaid? The newly reopened Noma or some kind of scandi-noir TV show? Whilst Copenhagen is renowned for all of the above, it is so much more. From innovative design and incredible food markets to amazing shopping districts and inspiring art, Copenhagen is truly the gem of Scandinavia’s creative scene, attracting visitors with its achingly cool aesthetic and its characterful locals.
When it comes to design,there’s nowhere like Copenhagen. There has been an undeniable architectural boom in Copenhagen in recent years, which in a way, has been inspired by the city’s proximity to water. New and exciting architectural projects are nestled against some of Copenhagen’s most historic buildings and palaces. These can be found all over the city, but predominantly found in the districts of Ørestad, Nordhavn, the city centre, and Copenhagen’s waterfront

Bold, futuristic and dynamic; Copenhagen’s architecture style is truly one of a kind.
  From the cubic shapes and inky tones of the Royal Library (which is known locally as the Black Diamond) to the modernist style of the newBLOX building. Located on the city’s harbour side, this pioneering building was designed in harmony with the Danish capital’s own distinctive architecture — both traditional and modern. The BLOX exhibition centre is home of Danish Design Centre and Danish Architecture centre (DAC), opened in 2018 on the harbour front in Copenhagen; with two special exhibitions on renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon (until 3 March 2019)
Sustainability also plays a huge part in the region’s architecture as showcased by the likes of Nordhavn. It is Scandinavia’s most ambitious urban development project; and is the only building to be awarded a gold certificate in the DGNB system, which is the benchmark of sustainability. Another great example of sustainable Danish design is the bow tie shaped 8 House. Both Striking and sustainable in equal measure, the 8 House even has its own cycle path which traverses up from street level to the top floor, and also allows city-dwellers to cycle all the way to the top through a winding urban perimeter.

This unique outlook on design, stark minimalism, and the cosiness of hygge, all bleeds into Copenhagen’s truly creative communities. If you’re looking to take some of this style inspiration home with you,
Illums Bolighus is one of the meccas of Danish homewares; where you are certain to find something that you want that showcases the best of Danish design and craftsmanship. We also recommend Designer Zoo. Part gallery and part retail store, Designer Zoo is a community of eight designers who share a collective vision and host rotating exhibitions and a selection of creative workshops in their beautiful space. 
It’s been said that Copenhagen is slowly becoming one of Europe’s emerging fashion capitals; which makes sense because the locals take their style credentials very seriously. The highly credible fashion scene includes the likes of fashion designers like Henrik Vibskov, Wood Wood, Stine Goya and Mads Nørgaard to name a few. Not to mention, Copenhagen is also home to one of the world’s most creative fashion weeks.  

Even Copenhagen’s many restaurants tick all the right boxes when it comes to outstanding design and superb craftsmanship. At
Kafeteria, you will find sculptural lights amidst utilitarian furniture housed in a gallery-esque space. A fitting aesthetic, especially as it’s located within the Statens Museum for Kunst, which is Denmark’s National Gallery. Finally, if you’re looking for the best vantage point of this incredible city, look no further than the Hotel Sanders. The rooftop Conservatory at the Hotel Sanders is reminiscent of Singapore’s world-renowned Raffles Hotel and is an ideal place to relax with a gimlet under the dark green foliage to watch the sun set.
Words by Emma Harrison 
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