Words of Wisdom from our favourite Conversations of 2018
28 December 2018
Throughout our conversations series, we got the opportunity to have one on one conversations with some of the most exciting people in London’s creative scene. Catching them during rare moments of silence in their busy lives, and getting a sense of the passion and creativity that have helped them carve out their own paths in our beloved London town. These are the people behind your favourite bars, galleries, brands, and restaurants; and through these conversations they share a few of their personal favourites too. 2018 has been a big year for us, but it wouldn’t nearly have been as big without these meaningful conversations, with these truly inspiring people. 
So here’s a few words of wisdom from some of favourite conversations this year, so you can get inspired and start the new year right. And that’s us, signing off for 2018. Cheers!
Jackson Boxer: On how his family inspires his culinary style“I also think of cooking as a beautiful sacrifice. I try to give as much of myself as possible. I figure that the more care and love I put into the process, the better the end result”
“Aim to learn the craft at every level that you are trying to work in. Because it’s only by understanding and respecting the foundations, that you can then push the boundaries.”
 Dario Ilari: On how spaces influence ideas 
“You just have to follow your own path. The moment you start looking at what other people are doing, you are reacting and not creating.”
“I know it’s now an overused word but really trying to be as authentic as possible, I think if we all did that a lot more in whatever industries we work in, we’d all benefit from the output.”

Frida Escobedo : On the beauty of architecture
“I sometimes hear people explain the project to others, repeating those early ideas we bounced around. For me, that becomes a really beautiful moment. It’s like writing a letter to someone you don’t know, and receiving something back — it’s wonderful.” 


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