Behind This Wall


The Carouser says: Hackney can sometimes feel a little manic, what with so much going on around every corner. It's a welcome surprise to walk down the stairs and find myself entering a softly lit room with several alcoves and a bar. The decor is fairly minimal and chic, with light jazz records playing in the background. read more
Riddle Magazine says: Duck through the un-labelled doorway and descend the stairs, drawing back a heavy curtain to reveal the bar within. Pale wooden benches and tables line the walls, while white tiles adorn the small bar, a Scandinavian-esq aesthetic... This is a place that is all about softly lit, hidden nooks and crannies, with wooden tables tucked beneath brick arches and a high table running along one wall. read more
Culture Whisper says: Behind This Wall ticks all our boxes -- and gets bonus points for a secretive, logo-less underground location and absence of twee hygge. In keeping with the Hackney postcode, this is an unashamedly hip drinking den, with clean angular lines and a commendable commitment to avoiding additives and artificial sweetness. read more
Tatler says: Behind This Wall isn't intimidating. It's small and welcoming. You're immediately greeted by friendly staff, who will direct you to a row of high bar stools at a very smart bar. Or you can sit in an MDF booth, which is always my personal preference. read more






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