Kings Cross - Bonds is a lifestyle store, coffee spot, and event space born out of a desire to collaborate with local artisans and designers. Celebrating craftsmanship and community each of their products tell a story their passionate team take the time to share. Visitors to the store can discover local craft while browsing a carefully curated selection of lifestyle products including candles, ceramics, fabric & linen and leather goods. read more
Wallpaper - Loyal to their east London creative spirit (and the aesthetic established in the brand’s Hackney location) the store design is all about flexibility. Dafkos and Firmin, through a revised version of 1980’s Bowellism, exposed the space’s internal structures and fixtures. A network of grids and frames can be re-arranged on demand, providing a transmutable backdrop for the store’s various functions. read more
Dezeen - Customers can purchase pieces from independent designers, grab a coffee, and even make candles in lifestyle store Bonds. The brand's founders Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin worked alongside design studio Formd for the store's fit-out, which has been kept simple with exposed brick walls, timber display units, and gridded metal partitions that can be slid back and fourth to create different room arrangements for events or workshops. read more
Woven Magazine - With a mix of curated goods, candle pouring, coffee, and workshops open to the community, Earl of East London is an aromatic invitation to all the senses. The future is about experience. Whether that’s applied to retail or any industry. Experience happens through the senses. So for us that’s about pairing a flavour with a scent, or hopefully about helping people to rediscover things through fragrance. read more
The Telegraph - Through a door marked "LAB", the pair, dressed in hipster-brown renditions of lab coats, line up dark amber apothecary jars, stainless steel jugs and Kimble apparatus on the steel worktop, ready for a lesson in how to make soy wax candles. The couple started their company, Earl of East London, three and a half years ago as a market stall in London Fields, East London. Since then the business has grown; they have two shops. read more





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