The Financial Times says: A stone’s throw from the Royal Opera House, Grays & Feather, a bar specialising in sparkling wine, has just opened on Wellington Street. The space immediately intrigues with its engagingly eccentric aesthetic: downstairs, with its various hidden nooks, is a fusion of vibrant colour and plush pastel fabrics paired with dark hardwood surfaces and antique ironwork. read more
The Evening Standard says: With no champagne in sight, the bar will showcase the history of other sparkling wines, and offer globally sourced vintages alongside London’s only native fizzy blend, created by Forty Hall Community Vineyard, in Enfield. read more
London Wine Competition says: Recently Grays and Feather announced that it is opening the World’s First Global sparkling wine bar in Covent Garden. Founder and creator Andrew Gray said that it is a to be theatrical and have real personality and above all else is a place to have fun. As a sparkling wine expert and ambassador for the French Cremant wines in the UK, his passion for the subject is palpable. read more
London On The Inside says: Wine bars have been popping up all over London recently, including a specialist prosecco bar, and now one dedicated to a whole range of sparkling wines is coming to Covent Garden. Opening this summer Grays & Feather (who you may have seen at Southbank Food Market) will stock a huge library of bubbles from around the world. read more






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