The Nudge says: You’ll look for a chalkboard discretely propped up against an unmarked stairwell. On reaching the bottom you’ll enter a candlelit den of iniquity that – it seems – was born to relight old flames, and spark up new ones, over some killer cocktails. read more
Evening Standard says: Don’t expect frills and fuss or the rest of it here: Happiness Forgets is cocktail bar distilled down to its very essence, and done very well – their tag “High End Cocktails/Low End Rent” sums it up best. The bartenders are all top drawer, and their creations impeccable. Unsurprisingly, this Hoxton space has its regulars, so the crowd is always good. read more
Social Concierge says: At last! An underground, dimly lit, immoderately priced, completely delicious cocktail bar that doesn’t pose as a Prohibition bar. Happiness Forgets has the illicit romance of the speakeasy with none of the pretension that has spread its atavistic tentacles across London. read more
Telegraph says: A small, subterranean bar in Shoreditch, Happiness Forgets is an unpretentious spot that is simply furnished and focused on serving exceptional cocktails read more
Worlds Best Bars says: This subterranean watering hole in Hoxton is not a speakeasy. It’s part of a new breed of cocktail bar, laid-back but intelligent, drinks taking pride of place, rather than over-baked concepts or theming: the strapline is ‘great cocktails, no wallies‘ and we think that’s a pretty accurate assessment. Happiness Forgets (the name comes from a Dionne Warwick track) has considerable character. It’s small and dark (very dark), but that’s part of its charm, all bare bricks and candle-light. The drinks are a huge part of the draw. Their classic cocktails are executed with precision and care. read more






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