The Spectator says: Six Storeys on Soho is in a slender grey townhouse on Soho Square: a bar, restaurant and club. It is technically art deco, but it feels much older; it grasps back for 18th-century Soho without the typhoid epidemic and the corpses. It used to be a gay bar called the Edge, but the gay bars are closing in London, victims of a new epidemic called Grindr. Now it feels like Mary Poppins's house after she lost hope. read more
Quintessentially says: Russel Sage Studio has done a fantastic job of imbuing each floor with its own character, which is evident in everything from the antique decanters to the distressed wallpaper. read more
Harpers Bazaar says: Six Storeys doesn't claim to be a sleazy Soho bar of old; the six-floor townhouse was actually built in the 17th century before Soho was even born when the area was still farmlands. But it is the sort of bar and restaurant you can imagine intellectuals like Oscar Wilde – a long-term fan of Soho – frequenting. It is a place full of character; there's a lobby bar, parlour, lounge, decantery, study and loft all of which are decorated decadently – think midnight blue walls, Victorian wallpaper and flickering candles. There's an old school drinking den where you can imagine the late legendary Soho dandy Sebastian Horsley sinking a few glasses of champagne. read more




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