Telegraph - Spiritland doubles as a recording studio, you can see the booths from your table - and has its own radio station. In the bar, it sells vinyl, along with spirits and headphones. It is also a showcase – via a selection of guest DJs – for very sexy-looking, state-of-the-proverbial, hi-fidelity hardware. It’s all about the music, It’s a place to experience music of all genres and eras, encouraging creativity and exploration.” read more
Vice - Spiritland is a cafe and bar that's put the soundtrack at the heart of its operation, and in doing so has arguably become the city's most exciting new venue. Spiritland is an oasis of calm—the kind of place one can while away a long Sunday afternoon with a salt beef sandwich and Ruf Dug on the decks for company. It looks great—the aesthetic's pitched somewhere between, "Milan in the 70s, Japan in the 50s, and the London of today”. read more
Wallpaper - With admirable subtlety, Spiritland, London’s newest restaurant, gives a well-executed nod to its surroundings: one of the capital’s biggest performance venues, the Royal Festival Hall. Setting the stage is a dining room designed with the input of co-founder Patrick Clayton-Malone that is evocative of an old school music venue, characterised by meandering booths, perforated wood screens and heavy velvet curtains. read more
The Infatuation - Sometimes the seat in Pret next to the plug point just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you need a bolthole - for work or conversation - that offers a little bit more comfort. This trying-to-be-cool-but-actually-quite-nice cafe and bar is ideal to pitch up in for an hour or two. The food is fine - don’t expect anything to blow you away - but the music and relaxed atmosphere make this an excellent place to know about in the area. read more






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