Olive Magazine - The non-profit brewery is connected to the local church, and there are plenty of ecclesiastical touches – 250-year old pews line the walls, a ceiling of blonde wood beams echoes that of a contemporary church, and a striking stained glass window-like front reflects the particularly approachable attitude of the pub. A bespoke piece of artwork was commissioned to capture the spirit of Hackney, with individual characters extracted and dotted around the menu, etched onto pint glasses and stitched onto uniforms of the Hackney-born bar staff. read more
Just Opened London - The whole space boasts an industrial design, with exposed brick, concrete floors and steel-framed windows, while a wooden structure on the ceiling creates a warmer ambiance. But the best part is outside, where you’ll find a large terrace with ample seating and magical festoon lights. read more
The Nudge - St John at Hackney brewery opened opposite… a church. That church is called St John at Hackney, and it’s located in Hackney. And now, mirroring its vaulted ceiling and expansive interior, is said brewery’s taproom, which the owners have filled by pressing pew seating against the walls and putting an altar-like metal bar at the rear. And to cap it all, there’s a large alfresco seating area with festoon lighting for when the sun dips below the horizon. read more
Design My Night - One of the first additions to the newly refurbished arches under Hackney Central, the St John At Hackney Brewery is bringing tasty beers and delicious food to the community. Named for the neighbouring Lower Clapton Road church, the brewery will front 'church-like' design elements, with wooden pews and architrave ceiling supports. Run by brewer Ryan Robbins and general manager Luke Scanlon, you'll find a range of home-brewed offerings, from lagers to imperial stouts, as well as a number of international beers on tap. read more
Design My Night - Craft brewery, bar and restaurant St John at Hackney Brewery is opening in two arches under the overground near Hackney Central this June. Founded by brewer Ryan Robbins and Luke Scanlon, who’s been involved with St John at Hackney Church, the brewery will exist in two parts; one arch will house all the brewing equipment whilst the second one will be home to the bar and kitchen with a large al fresco terrace. read more





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