The Infatuation says: The Gibson is a small, dark corner bar at the quiet end of Old Street, serving creative, deadly serious, and sometimes slightly silly drinks. There’s a lot of blow-torch action going on in the making of these cocktails, so if you like your drink served alongside smouldering herbs in a glass that looks like a pipe, this is the spot for you. read more
The Telegraph says: A slightly grimy stretch of Old Street isn’t the most obvious spot for the sixth best bar in the world, but those who are familiar with The Gibson expect the unexpected. In amongst the dry cleaners, off licences and kebab houses is a jewel-box of a bar that punches well above its weight and size. read more
Time Out says: The name of this Old Street cocktail bar may have delicate drinkers running for the hills, since a Gibson is also the name for a martini with a pickled onion bobbing in its depths. There’s nothing inelegant about the setting though, a small space that’s been given a 1920s look. Well, the Kirstie Allsopp version, with DIY lighting effects from decanters filled with tea lights and such. read more
Candid Magazine says: The décor lands somewhere vaguely around prohibition, as is de rigueur for the capital’s cocktail bars, though there’s a stronger emphasis on the period’s art deco influences, captured in angular illustrations, refractive lights and mirrored tables throughout. read more






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