TT Liquor Bar


Time Out says: Ever got drunk in the Tardis? From the Kingsland Road pavement, this bar on the Shoreditch/Hoxton border doesn't look like much more than a cute little bottle shop. But wander on in and you'll discover there's a whole world of bevvying to be had inside this converted police station. Past the front-room 'liquor store', stacked high with beers, wines, spirits and mixological gear, you'll find a wood-panelled drinking parlour. And in a further space upstairs, TT also hosts supper clubs and pairs cocktails with cult movie screenings: think 'The Big Lebowski' with white russians. And then there's the main event: a speakeasy-style bar tucked away in the cellar, its brick walls lined with caged bottles and the obligatory old-school filament bulbs. This is the former cop-shop lock-up, now a drunk tank of a much more upscale variety. read more
Olive Magazine says: Its multifunctional nature – shop, events venue and cocktail bar – could have meant TT Liquor lacked character but the vibe is warm and inviting thanks to honey-hued wooden flooring, panelling and furniture throughout. Enter via the liquor store, where, if you're not distracted by the shelves lined with bottles, a staircase leads down into the revamped cellar bar. It's here that the building's former incarnation as a 19th-century police station is more obvious, with bare-brick walls, stone flooring and low ceilings. It could be dank and gloomy but a judicious use of soft lighting and more of that warm-coloured wood (here seen in the bar and tables, and display cabinets filled with backlit bottles of spirits) means that the space remains as intimate and welcoming as upstairs. read more
The Nudge says: And there's probably no better place to examine the hypothesis than at TT Liquor on Kingsland Road – because it has a full three storeys' worth of high-proof experiences, cocktails, and masterclasses with which to test it. The building itself is a huge, converted Victorian police station that looks like, well, like it's been converted from a Victorian police station: brick walls, stone slab floors, and caged liquor bottles (framed by their captors with subtle low light) surround the beautifully aged wooden fittings. read more
London The Inside says: Located across three floors the entrance is actually a pretty impressive liquor store with over 1000 bottles on offer, including some unusual and rare labels. Once through the store, there's a number of different spaces; upstairs are rooms which host masterclasses whilst downstairs is the bar and what a bloody bar! The atmospheric basement is huge and has more character than you'll find in most other East London spots, with lots of alcoves and cubby holes in what used to be jail cells during the 19th century when the building was a police station. read more






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