Bourne & Hollingsworth


The Nudge says: It's called Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, it's located just off Exmouth Market…and when you go inside, you'll feel like you're still outside. This is thanks in large part to the restaurant – where Parisian head chef Alex Visciano is serving up a relaxed menu of contemporary British fare and bottomless brunches – being located inside a greenhouse that's filled with cane garden furniture. read more
Olive Magazine says: One of our current favourites is at the Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings. In a quiet pocket of Clerkenwell, just round the corner from Exmouth Market, the building interior takes inspiration from the faded grandeur of a stately home with a modern twist. The space is clean and bright, with whitewashed floorboards juxtaposed with antique furniture and interestingly textured upholstery. It’s a huge space, with several distinct areas; private dining room, bar, restaurant and more relaxed, café-style sofas, which gives you the feeling that you could really spend all day there. read more
Social Concierge says: Branches, vines, plants and leaves hang, twist and gild around the two rooms; the parlour at the front with the sprawling bar and relaxed lounge with its mismatched vintage furniture and the restaurant room at the back; a charming conservatory with some plush velvet banquettes and a selection of garden tables and chairs. The English Garden doggone went and got its hair did. read more
Sweet Monday says: I had heard much about this place before visiting, and had seen many photos on social media of it's stunning interiors. In person, this little gem is even more spectacular. With white wooden flooring, miss-matched chairs, leafy green plants adorning the ceiling, and beautiful period features, there is really no other restaurant like it. read more




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