The Nudge says: The restaurant itself is in Hackney Wick (and is actually named after an Arctic Monkeys track). With a distinct feeling of beautiful industrial minimalism, it features a stark black bar punctuating an all-white space, with the occasional wood furnishing – such as a 5000 year old oak table, salvaged from a Croatian river – to take the edge off. read more
Time Out says: Hackney. Haute cuisine. Not two words (okay fine, three) that you see together very often. Which is what makes Cornerstone all the more interesting. This is a large, ruggedly handsome restaurant, all concrete floors and designer cutlery, where the food – with a special emphasis on seafood – is meticulous and restrained. read more
London Eater says: Cornerstone in Hackney Wick a neighbourhood on the edge of the Olympic village, which has seen investment and change since the Games in 2012. It has not though, until now, had a restaurant which has declared an ambition to, as Brown has said, put Hackney Wick on the culinary map in the same way Lyle’s and Clove Club have did in Shoreditch. read more
GQ Magazine says: After serving his apprenticeship in Cornwall and honing his craft as Nathan Outlaw’s head chef at The Capital in Knightsbridge, this year Tom Brown decided to go it alone and set up his own place. If you wanted to be clever you could say that Brown has gone from Outlaw to sheriff, but that wouldn’t be anywhere near as smart as Brown’s cooking. read more





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