GQ Magazine says: Best enjoyed from a seat at the counter where you can watch Hallsworth and his team in action, our best recommendation is to ignore the menu and leave your taste buds in the capable hands of the food “Freaks” (they don’t call themselves that, we just like the sound of it). read more
The Infatuation says: The food is a described as ‘pan Asian’ (insert eye-roll here), but rather than serving up mediocre interpretations of anything a bit Asian food-y - they actually nail the remixes. The chilli crab bomb, spicy crab meat in a wonton case, is the er... bomb, and you’ll want to order the black cod tacos twice. read more
London on the Inside says: All the effort has gone into the food and bloody good it is too. The menu is short and designed for sharing with new dishes being added regularly; between two we got through three quarters of it with ease so if you went in a four you could defo order everything. There’s a strong presence of Japanese flavours, from the tuna sashimi pizza with truffle ponzu. read more
Olive Magazine says: Punk-rock posters are pasted on the walls, sake bottles line the shelves, and there’s a huge robata grill in the open kitchen (not forgetting the signature slushy machine that churns out Japanese frozen beers on a hot day), but we’re looking forward when Scott can properly put his trademark stamp on the place. read more





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