The Standard - A person selling beautiful blooms at the beginning of a retail or restaurant journey gives everything a pretty Narnia vibe. Once inside Hoi Polloi which resembles a large 1970s, Art Deco-influenced school canteen the menu appears in newspaper form with separate pages for breakfast, daytime meals, dinner, supper and weekend brunch. Hoi Polloi’s apéritifs, breakfast cocktails and ‘drinks for afters’ sections rock with names such as Bona Hoofer and Naff Clobber. read more
The Independent - I see this new establishment from Pablo Flack and David Waddington – the duo behind two other excellent restaurants, Bistrotheque and Shrimpy's, and a few other pop-ups besides – as nothing less than an ambitious attempt to recover the phrase for its original, affectionate meaning. That task deserves applause on its own merit, and when conjoined with the very good food here, it acquires something like nobility. The clientele is young and cool; and so spacious is this canteen-like brasserie with its high ceilings that you want to stay all day. read more
TimeOut - Access is not from a vast lobby, but via a tiny flower shop. Walk straight through and the large restaurant reveals itself with a mix of retro and contemporary styling that wouldn’t look out of place on a Scandinavian cruise ship circa 1950. The casual and sneaker-clad service is notably smooth and well informed. The music sn’t too loud, allowing attention to focus instead on conversation – and the food. The menu looks like a college music paper, which gives the curious impression that other diners are reading up on the LCD Soundsystem back catalogue. It covers breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktails and dinner.  read more
The Infatuation - Hoi Polloi is an all-day restaurant inside the Ace Hotel, which means that besides being useful for literally any occasion you can throw at it, it’s an excellent spot for people watching. The restaurant itself looks like a very cool brasserie designed by Japanese architects, and the food’s good. You can access Hoi Polloi via the flower shop next to the hotel, or via the hotel itself. Hit it up with confidence for breakfast meetings, oysters and champagne, or a low-key dinner. read more
The Telegraph - The entrance - backed by a wall of foliage - makes for an enticing first impression. Inside, the lobby is where the magic happens here, with the co-working space a focal point. Hoi Polloi - within- is a fun, stylish brasserie-like space that is buzzing at peak times. The ‘all day’ menu offers everything from oysters to burgers. My starter of crab with creme fraiche, pickled fennel and rye crisps was perfect for lovers of Scandi-style fare, though beware it’s quite filling - leaving me unable to finish my main of chargrilled octopus, romesco, crushed potatoes and aioli. read more




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