Evening Standard says: Lardo is the Italian love-child of former Bistrotheque manager Eliza Flanagan, and offers homecured meats for around £4, small sharing plates for around £6, and pizza for up to £9. We chose one of the latter and built a meal around it. Bright, cleanly astringent olives and fine-sliced, buttery chilli coppa kept us going through our bitter lemon cocktails. read more
The Nudge says: Lardo, in six sentences: 1) It’s named after the expertly cured back-fat of a pig, which, you can order as a topping for your pizza. 2) That pizza comes from a pièce de résistance disco ball, wood-fired oven in the centre of an open square kitchen… read more
The Guardian says: Eliza Flanagan’s baby, a hymn to everything Italian filtered through a distinctly Hackney lens, continues to delight. Colonising the ground floor of the handsome, vast-windowed Arthaus building, it’s a looker in a rough-and-ready way, softened by colourful cushions and a bobby dazzler of a pizza oven – less utilitarian kitchen equipment and more glitterball. read more




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