Olive magazine - We nibbled on creamy and nutty Sicilian Nocellara olives while deciding what to choose from the roll call of Italian delicacies. The mixed platter of cured meats and cheeses came on a wooden palate with Prosicutto di Parma, Feline Salame, speck, ‘red cow’ Parmigiano Reggiano, red wine ‘drunken’ cheese, mature provolone, more mixed Italian olives, crostini and uniquely textured mustard spiced fruits with grassy olive oil from Le Marche in Eastern Italy. read more
Wallpaper - Legendary Italian delicatessen Lina Stores has been a Soho institution since 1944, with many an ardent pasta fan making a pilgrimage to its Brewer Street corner site. Now, almost 75 years later, the owners have opened a restaurant a few blocks away on Greek Street. Architects Red Deer, unsurprisingly, took their cues from the original store, echoing its distinctive pistachio green-tiled, black and white facade in the new space’s interior and exterior colour palette. read more
The Foodie Diaries - Soho stalwart, Lina Stores, really needs no introduction. The deli’s minty-green exteriors have been a cornerstone of the neighbourhood for close to 75 years, a long-standing purveyor of the highest-grade Italian ingredients. Their recently-opened restaurant on nearby Greek Street has all the makings of a classic too… read more
Evening Standard - The bar area is pure Wes Anderson, with a symmetrical display of Campari bottles and packets of pasta, and signature mint green everywhere, from the chef’s striped aprons to the crockery. Our stools gave us a view of the impressively compact kitchen. Ribbons of fresh pasta sit on gold trays before being carefully lowered into a vat of boiling water. read more




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