The Food Connoisseur says It’s a great new local addition to the area. Serving up all day and evening food, and hosting tacos, Chinese and laksa nights. The café is relatively small and seats around 12 people, the décor is simple with light beech wood tables, and plants on tables in enamelware pots. read more
Roman Road London says: Owner, Natasha Mae, knows about brunch. She knows it so well that she can predict what people are going to order before they do. Mae + Harvey serves brunch every day of the week, using the finest quality ingredients. Their most luxurious brunch is smoked salmon, from a smokers in Hackney, avocado, cream cheese, chives and olive oil, on a homemade waffle. read more
The Infatuation says: If you live in Bow or Mile End, you know that most brunches in the neighbourhood tend to be disappointing. One of the exceptions is Mae and Harvey, where the food is consistently good, and you can eat some well-executed waffles or avocado toast without hauling ass to Shoreditch or Hackney. read more





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