My Neighbours The Dumplings


The Guardian says: If you’re after that insanely satisfying sensation of teeth sinking through just-chewy casings to juicy, scented, satisfying fillings, I’ll probably be teetering on a stool beside you, eating my way to Armageddon. read more
The Nudge says: Drinks-wise, you can either keep it tea-total with an impressive range of Chinese teas, all sourced directly from independent tea farmers in China. Or, should you be in the market for something a little stiffer, you can swap out the tea for sake. read more
Time Out says: Tempting as it is to stuff yourself silly with multiple orders of the savoury delights, save room for dessert. Heavenly chocolate dumplings were like naughty, deep-fried Milky Ways while the matcha tea rice pudding with coconut jam had me licking the bowl – although I was so full it was hard for me to move even this much. read more




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