Petersham Nurseries, Covent G


Evening Standard says: The Petersham is the super-swell one: a big exhilarating space, skilfully projecting that look of faded, almost haphazard, grandeur, with chandeliers, old floorboards, limewashed walls, hessian curtains, foxed patchwork mirrors, pretty Murano glassware, bold contemporary art, big tree ferns and, everywhere, theatrical bouquets of flowers. It's a heck of an image, implying an old family, riches casually treated, an eye for confident juxtapositions, a combination of ease with an undiminished expectation of high service. It's almost like being at an amazing wedding. read more
Culture Whisper says: The first thing you notice about The Petersham – Petersham Nurseries' new fine dining establishment in the heart of Covent Garden – is the gorgeous space it occupies. It's a thoroughly modern development, hidden behind their King Street shop and deli, with high ceilings and tall windows overlooking a pretty little courtyard. But the space is anything but cold, thanks to the owners' typically eclectic style of interior decoration. The room is packed with objects drawing on the Boglione family's passions for contemporary art, Murano glassware, and all things floral of course. It's quite a relaxed setting, with tiny tables crammed together in a space humming with excited chatter from a very trendy clientele. A gorgeous scent of freshly cut flowers fills the air. read more
The Foodie Diaries says: There are no dearth of draws to visiting Richmond-based Petersham Nurseries' outpost in Covent Garden. With its ethereal sense of glamour and fairytale florals, it's the sort of place you might pop into to handpick a bouquet of flowers for your next dinner party, inevitably to find yourself ensconced there over an hour later, browsing the gorgeous selection of Venetian glassware. Understandably, you might be a tad peckish by this point. Thank goodness then, that the capacious space (spread over 16,000 square feet) offers not one, but two new restaurants, along with a take-away-delicatessen next door. read more
Just Opened London says: À la carte restaurant The Petersham takes inspiration from the family home, Petersham House in Richmond, housing a collection of contemporary art and reflecting the overall Petersham style of understated grandeur. La Goccia is more of a buzzy, all-day space, with a large open kitchen and wood-fired grill. Both restaurants lead onto the central courtyard where naturally, plants and flowers are abundant. read more







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