Rochelle Canteen


The Telegraph: On one of many outdoor tables, is owner Margot Henderson and influential chef husband Fergus (of St John fame), sitting in the watery sunshine, each wearing one of the straw hats that hang on the restaurant’s wall. This canteen may come on like a shack, but scratch the surface, and tables are Alvar Aalto, chairs Ercol. There are deckchairs. It’s studied-urban-bucolic enough to turn the most liberal-minded bolshie. read more
The Infatuation: Rochelle Canteen was once only open during daytime weekday hours, though they’ve recently started serving dinner on the weekend as well. But lunch will always be our favourite time to visit, when you can really take in the environment around you, and when the dining room is at its most relaxed. Breakfast here is also lovely, and after your first cup of tea, you’ll have forgotten entirely that you’re in the middle of a city heaving with building work and traffic. Rochelle Canteen is a true London hidden gem. Whether you decide to tell anyone about it is up to you. read more
Evening Standard: Rochelle Canteen in Shoreditch, which I love, invariably drops off my “Where shall we go?” radar because its location is that cornball, tautologous thing, a hidden secret. Located in what was the bike shed of a school on the periphery of Arnold Circus, recent loosening of stays has added a drinks licence and end-of-week evening openings, but entry is still via a bell beside a shabby door in a brick wall in what those of us not steeped in Shoreditch lore think of — if we think at all — as the boondocks.
Culture Whisper: The all white dining room couldn’t be plainer but the beautiful light is incredibly serene and calming. Jars of pickles and jams are arranged on one wall as if they were an exhibit in the contemporary art space below. It is wonderful to gaze at the autumn colours of the trees along the Mall and peak through the skylight at the cornice and pillars details of the John Nash buildings. read more




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