Urban Junkies says: As fans of Yotam Ottolenghi’s innovative combinations, the news that Ramael Scully – who worked for Yotam for years – was opening his first solo venture made us take note. When we learned more about Ramael’s background we were interested. This could be good. And it most definitely was. read more
Just Opened London says: Scully is the first restaurant from Ramael Scully, former head chef of Ottolenghi’s Nopi, now open in St. James’s Market. The food is really interesting thanks to Scully’s mixed heritage, and this opening is sure to join the ranks of the most exciting restaurants in central London. read more
The Infatuation says: Nothing about Scully seems particularly over the top at first. It’s in St. James’s Market - one of those glassy new developments that sits in the middle of a venn diagram between vaping and unhappiness - but the room itself is tastefully understated. A few jars of ferments here, a bit of Kendrick Lamar there. Nice. Familiar. But then there’s the food. read more
Culture Whisper says: Ramael Scully is 'global Briton' epitomised, wrote political broadcaster Robert Peston, praising his visit to Scully's. I couldn't agree more. The thrilling exuberance of a restaurant whose culture and culinary encapsulates everything that is emphatically not Brexit. read more
Olive Magazine says: The menu focusses on seasonal British produce peppered with ingredients from Ramael’s Chinese, Indian, Irish and Balinese heritage. The chef was born in Malaysia, grew up in Sydney and worked in the Middle East, Russia and Europe, so he has gathered methods from a multitude of cuisines to create a unique, bold style. read more




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