The Guardian - A pop-up Thai has parlayed itself into a full-blown restaurant. It’s popular, noisy and the food has quite a kick. There are distressed brick walls, for the sounds to bounce off, and rock-hard bits of panelling in whatever the eco-alternative to teak is these days. There are metal girders and high ceilings just to make sure the clamour echoes properly. read more
The Infatuation - There are big tables and big booths, and the menu is made up of lots of things you want to try, including the cocktails which are serious business here. In fact, get a couple of Muay Thai Kicks down you at the bar before being seated, and you may well find yourself slightly anaesthetised against some of the spicier elements of the menu. read more
The Telegraph - The menu is clear and engaging, with more of that toothsome friendliness; but it also asserts Som Saa’s authenticity, labelling dishes first in Thai, making only a few points of contact with the generic Brit Thai menu. There’s a strong northern accent, be it the Burmese-inflected northern highlands, or the north-eastern Isaan region, where the mighty Mekong wends its sluggish way. read more
Time Out - The cooking at Som Saa will blow you away: literally and metaphorically. This is not somewhere you come for a cheeky green curry and a plate of pad thai. It’s food from Thailand’s north-eastern provinces, where nothing gets dumbed down and your tastebuds will be held up at gunpoint. Perhaps the closest comparison is at The Heron, a dingy karaoke-on-the-telly kind of a Paddington pub basement. read more
Wallpaper - The former fabric warehouse offers few polished edges, sprinkled with charming tchotchkes picked up in Thailand alongside distressed walls and exposed brick arches. Designed in collaboration with Coriander Buildings, the interior features many layers, split between a bar area and a dining room which in itself contains three distinct pockets, including elevated booths constructed from steel I-beams.  read more




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