St Leonards Restaurant


Dezeen says: It is the second dining space to be headed up by chefs Jackson Boxer and Andrew Clarke, who together have overseen Brunswick House restaurant in Vauxhall since 2015. Their inaugural restaurant is decked out with antique furniture and huge chandeliers, but for St Leonard's Boxer and Clarke wanted a more pared-back aesthetic to match the "honest and simple" menu. read more
The Nudge says: Inside, the space is a neat bundle of wood, leather, and concrete with a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bar straddled by two bipolar cooking stations: the ice bar, and the fire hearth. Here’s what each of them brings to the tables, so to speak… read more
Tatler says: The décor is a chic symphony of polished concrete, hessian banquettes and open kitchens – two of them. It’s big, too, big enough also to incorporate a large, horseshoe-shaped bar that was underused the night I was there – pity: the snacks looked great. read more
GQ says: The latest offering from bright young chef Jackson Boxer (who is best known for his sterling work at Vauxhall’s Brunswick House) and his partner Andrew Clarke, is a produce-focused affair that will fast become a foody staple in a competitive corner of East London. Tied loosely to a fire and ice theme – there’s an ice bar offering up all the fishy crudo you could fancy. read more




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