The Arts Club - Leo's


Wallpaper* says: The Milan-based designers Dimore Studio have orchestrated a fantasist lair – apparently inspired by the Riviera clubs of the 60s – swatched with greens, purples, pinks and reds; finished with brass, brushed steel, leather, Guatemalan marble, pink velvets and floral prints; and styled throughout with a Orient-lite touch by way of Wong Kar Wai’s Shanghai noir classic In the Mood for Love. The bar, in particular, is a bona fide set-piece. The counter, manned by mixologist Raffaele Marino, practically blazes with spot-lit harlequin triangles. read more
Dezeen says: Located on the lower-ground floor of members-only institution The Arts Club in Mayfair, Leo's will act as a dining and clubbing venue, as well as a space to host creative talks. Dark pink velvet has been used to upholster the barstools, while green Guatemalan marble forms the countertop of the bar. Additionally, several of the tables have lacquered enamel surfaces, with brushed brass bases. A cognac leather sofa wraps around the perimeter of the club's undulating corrugated wall, creating a series of booths. At the centre of each hangs a flower-patterned lantern, which the studio added to reference oriental style. read more
The Socialite Family says: When the legendary Dimore Studio heads down to the depths of London’s famous Arts Club, it’s their vision that Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran are telling us about. That of a trip to the French Riviera in the sixties. At Leo’s, we can see the great delicacy and originality that characterises their work. The slightly muted colours evoke an era when time seems to have stood still, like an old piece of jewellery that you find at the back of a drawer. The star pair blend furniture and lamps from the period with their own designs, add wonderful textiles or revisit famous Knoll pieces, all in a bold colour palette, ranging from powder pink to dark green, clearly without skipping a beat. As eccentric as it is elegant, Leo’s is one of those places where it’s good to hang out. read more
The Spaces says: Dimore Studio designers Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran start with a long cognac-coloured banquette that snakes along a corrugated wall in lipstick-mauve, reaching out to curve around lacquered-top brass tables. The eye continues past a stage shrouded in a curtain of jangly bamboo beads painted with lotus flowers, and finally to a backlit bar etched with a diamond pattern. read more







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