The Telegraph says: Still, keeping the name does at least make The Square the first Classics Revisited ever to be revisited. The restaurant has re-opened after a three-month refurbishment and Abela has said it is “a brand new place”. read more
Wallpaper says: Inside, London-based agency Virgile + Partners has transformed the space from ho-hum to urban cool, lining the space with grey cemented walls; large-scale modern paintings; industrial black steel window frames; and curved mustard-coloured chairs, in a modern and minimalist, yet timeless, aesthetic. Sleek leather banquettes look inwards for a view towards the room, while table lamps and an overall art gallery lighting strategy highlights the best bits. read more
The London foodie says: Unlike many of his contemporaries, Phillip Howard concentrated his energies on retaining the quality standards in his restaurants rather than becoming a celebrity chef or serial book writer, which is very good news for us diners. His cooking style marries seasonal produce with modern French techniques to create his award winning cuisine. read more
Timeout says: An unassuming name, an unassuming interior, a nondescript entrance – but we’re in Bruton Street here, one of the most refined streets in refined Mayfair. An unobtrusive streak runs through everything at this restaurant, where standards – from the luxe Ren products in the toilets to the spiderweb-delicate glassware – are sky-high, but there’s nothing too avant-garde to startle the clientele. read more




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