CN Traveller - At Coal Drops Yard, the white rotundas of former gas holders rise behind sheer-faced brickwork. There are walkways, balustrades and staircases, gullies and girder-straight bridges. A High Line-style walkway, planted with grasses, wildflowers and railway sleepers, meanders over the arches at one end. But at its heart are twin symmetrical structures that meet above two parallel viaducts, sheathed in curvaceous roofs of Welsh slate that ripple like scales. read more
The Standard - Coal Drops Yard, the latest glory in the redevelopment of King’s Cross, opened on Friday. Its designer, Thomas Heatherwick, has taken two long brick-built sheds dating back to the 1850s sitting at an angle and united them at the narrower end with a great big gimmick. Or, if you prefer, a sculptural form. The slate roofs lift off into sinuous curves, just touching in the centre, to create a focus for the whole site: a heart for it, Heatherwick says. read more
The Guardian - Coal Drops Yard as a whole, which is formed out of the two long Victorian sheds through which south Yorkshire coal was once transferred, at a rate of 8m tonnes a year, to horse-drawn carts and thence taken to heat the homes and businesses of London. Which facility, dealt fatal blows by competition from other sources of power, fell into decay. read more
Culture Whisper - The new architectural masterpiece is home to around 60 shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, and marks the latest in the three billion pound refurbishment of King’s Cross. The shops and restaurants of Coal Drops Yard join an already blooming local offering. On one side of Regent’s Canal, the likes of & Other Stories, Nike and Space NK welcome shoppers through their wide, glass doors. read more
Dezeen - Thomas Heatherwick explains his thinking behind the design of the soon-to-open Coal Drops Yard shopping centre, in this video filmed in King's Cross, London. Heatherwick Studio is combining two 19th century buildings that were once used for storing coal into a canal-side shopping destination, which is due to open next month. read more





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