Londonist - The setup is very Shoreditch, sitting in an old warehouse with an exposed concrete floor and tiled walls. Not dissimilar to a 10-pin bowling alley, the noise of falling skittles is replaced with the occasional rattle of a biscuit (that's the puck-type disc you play with) tumbling off the court and onto the concrete. Occasionally a group stops to hunt down a stray biscuit, rendered missing by an overenthusiastic player. read more
The Nudge - It was invented in England in the early 1500s. Henry VIII played it, and its popularity spread. It became so wildly addictive that people stopped working, and so in 1542 the government had to ban it. But now it’s back. And the people brazenly risking our economy by unleashing this illicit pastime on an unwitting public once more are none other than The London Shuffle Club. read more
London on the Inside - After a string of successful pop-ups, the London Shuffle Club is back and this time it’s for good. The perm spot in Shoreditch will be home to floor lanes, including an outdoor lane for walk-ups. There’ll be a changing menu of cocktails and craft beer on offer alongside a range of wood-fired pizzas made in-house…and yes, gluten-free and vegan options are covered. read more
The Times - Get ready for an uproar from cruise lovers across Britain as they find out that hipsters have stolen the popular on-deck sport of shuffleboard and made it cool. The London Shuffle Club has opened at the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, where instead of geriatrics, you’ll find bright young things pushing discs down a bowling alley-style lane next to metro-tiled walls strung with festoon lights and dotted with palm trees. read more





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