The Telegraph - Sporting a livery of green and white ceramic tiles, telephone-box red joinery and a gold roof, it is not easy to miss. A series of simple house-like volumes successively increase in size as they step down-slope towards the Stour, the largest housing a living room of pointedly ecclesiastical scale and atmosphere. Decoration is everywhere: from the external tiles embossed with motifs referencing Julie’s rock-chick youth to extravagant tapestries recording her life’s full narrative. read more
The Guardian - De Botton paired Perry up with FAT, a practice that for 20 years had been assiduously assaulting every nostrum, scruple or diktat of modern architecture that they could find, especially those that place taboos on decoration, and demand clarity and good taste at all times. They wanted buildings to communicate, and to have elements of narrative, but they also liked surprises, inversions, complexity and contradiction. read more
Artlyst - This is a cross between Hansel and Gretel and a Russian Orthodox church, an eccentric dedication to a saint – in this case a secular one by the name of Julie Cope – the collective works give expression to her fictional life through both art and architecture. But this character, an archetypal symbol of the feminine core of Essex is perhaps a cypher, and an expression of something very personal to Grayson Perry himself. read more
Dezeen - The building is split into four segments that increase in scale, like a retractable telescope, as it slopes back onto the plot towards the estuary. The copper-clad roof form is based on medieval stave churches, which feature complex roofs with multiple pitches. Visitors approach the house through a cul-de-sac across the tracks from the local train station. A narrow foot bridge links with a lane with grass growing between the tyre tracks – a route described by Holland and Perry as a pilgrimage. read more
The Independant - It has a scooter hanging from the ceiling instead of a chandelier, trademark handmade pots on the walls and the exterior carries the influence of everything from medieval churches to Russian dolls. Welcome to a holiday house Grayson Perry-style. The popular spot on the coast of Essex, Perry’s home county, is set to attract a whole new crowd, including fans of unusual architecture. read more




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