AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado


The Telegraph - Tucked away in the corner of one of Lisbon’s most attractive squares, this new boutique hotel is housed in an 18th-century building on the site of the city’s old arsenal. The 28 rooms brim with character, understated style and every modern comfort. The welcoming restaurant serves local dishes. read more
Forbes - Portuguese soul is the defining feature of the 28-room hotel—which has the residential quality of a luxury guesthouse rather than the formality of a five-star hotel. There are no old-fashioned luxury trappings like bathrobes, minibars or bathtubs. The first building on the site was erected in the 15th century, and its stone floor remained after the earthquake that devastated Lisbon in 1755. Most of the current building dates from the 18th century and underwent a multi-year renovation that preserved historic details like the super-thick walls and high ceilings (which mostly make up for the narrow width in some rooms). The design varies from floor to floor, reflecting the businesses that flourished here: a Moroccan trader on 1, a wine merchant on 2. read more
Travel & Lust - The 18th-century rejuvenated building has a retro-contemporary décor inspired by the likes of the Portuguese aristocracy. AlmaLusa, meaning 'Portuguese Soul', is piled high with sentiments and tradition in addition to having over a dozen 'all things Portuguese' that are emblematic of Portugal. The hotel has an exterior terrace near the palatial City Hall in the Terreiro do Paço square, a perfect spot in the sun for a drink before a morning stroll near the Tagus riverside. Designer Giano Gonçalves has skilfully incorporated a very Portuguese feel to the hotel, by using amenities from Portuguese brands such as Castelbel product textiles and soaps, high-quality bath towels by Lima Mayer, and Colmol beddings and mattresses. He has exquisitely woven the original flagstone floors and antique fireplaces with 21st-century adjustments. The bedrooms and suites have a muted palette of soft brown and grey rich textures, with showers having a mixture of black slate and white tile floorings. read more
Wallpaper - The latest is AlmaLusa Baixa-Chiado, a boutique hotel tucked into a charming corner, offering a slice of history and rooms with a view from within its 18th century frame. Drawing on all things Portuguese from textiles to soaps, designer Giano Gonçalves has skilfully woven original flagstone floors and ancient fireplaces with 21st century comfort and technology. The rooms use rich textures in a muted palette of soft browns and greys, whilst the bathrooms, with showers not tubs, mix black slate and white tiles. read more




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