Telegraph – The Camper shoe people have created a fun, informal and eco-friendly reimagining of the hotel experience, which eschews conventionally luxurious trappings but which cossets in unconventional ways, from complimentary food and drink to staff genuinely concerned with making their guests feel, literally, at home. read more
Conde Nast Traveller - Barcelona’s original hipster hotel, Casa Camper, is situated in the Raval neighborhood. This has always been one of the city’s seedier areas, which these days also means it's rather hip. The lobby is black and white and red all over, with sultry mood lighting. read more
The Independent - Casa Camper's distinctive ambience derives from its bold interior design – courtesy of Fernando Amat and Jordi Tio, the brains behind Vincon, Barcelona's most fashionable department store. Though the lobby is visible from the street outside through big glass doors, a sign states "guests only", giving the feeling of a private members' club rather than a conventional hotel. read more
The Guardian - A kooky venture into the hotel business from the makers of the iconic shoes. In keeping with the boho nature of the surrounding streets of Raval, the design is hip but rather eccentric, from the hammocks slung across the corners of the rooms, to the layout that means that the private sitting rooms are across a corridor from the bedrooms. read more




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