Central Hotel & Cafe


Conde Nast - One of the hotel's best perks (aside from the fact that you can arrange to have a bottle of champagne waiting for you): Guests have two bikes plus an iPhone filled with data about the area at their disposal. Biking is the easiest way to get around Copenhagen, so the rentals will definitely come in handy. read more
Uniq Hotels - This hotel only offers one guest room. That’s right! A hotel with just one room! Located on top of a small café in the Vesterbro neighbourhood, the double room of Central Hotel is the world’s smallest and has a unique interior design with beautiful handcrafted details. read more
We Heart says: As a set designer, Leif Thingtved must have a few tricks up his sleeve for making rooms appear larger than they are, and he would have needed all his theatrical wiles when designing the interior of his new project, the quirky little Central Hotel & Café in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. When I say little, I mean it; this place could be the definitive proof of the saying that good things come in small packages read more




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