Dean Street Townhouse


Conde Nast Traveller says: The dining room here is like a parlor in an old Soho townhouse, festooned with heavy velvet drapes and low lit by vintage-inspired sconces. It's warren-like, and feels as if there's constantly a hidden nook around the corner. Always busy, it's never unpleasantly bustling, largely thanks to the noise-dampening magic of all that velvet. read more
The Guardian says: I was so busy feeling smug and full of myself that I hardly noticed the great cocktails or that Robbie Williams was sitting two tables away. Last week the Soho House Group unveiled its latest venture, a 39-room hotel and restaurant, and announced that it would be lowering the drawbridge to the great unwashed. read more
The Independent says: As soon as you enter, there is no doubt about its parentage. Like the Ivy, Scott's and J Sheekey, it has the appearance of a luxurious gentlemen's club, with lots of dark wood and brass rails. I would say it reminded me of the state room of the Titanic if that wasn't such a loaded comparison. read more
The Nudge says: One of the more recent additions to the burgeoning Soho House empire, Dean Street Townhouse proves that if Nick Jones thinks jam “Roly Poly” is back then it's back. The contrast of the Georgian-style building in the heart of Soho, coolly decked out with dark woods and red leather seating. read more





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