Hotel Molitor Paris


Guardian - Built almost a century ago, the art-deco Piscine Molitor in the 16th district of Paris is no ordinary swimming pool. Now, 25 years on, Molitor’s indoor pool and lido complex has been given another life, reopening on Monday as part of a luxury hotel and spa. read more
The Telegraph - The Molitor is as close as you get to a resort hotel in Paris: the legendary Art Deco swimming pool was reborn as a hotel and sports club after 20 years of abandon. Stained glass sporting scenes have been restored, alongside memories of graffiti artist squatters, and stylish bedrooms replace the changing cubicles. read more
Jetsetter - French interior designer, Jean-Philippe Nuel, has meticulously recreated the Molitor’s glamorous 1930s feel, from Art Deco mosaics, stained glass and furniture, to bright, graphic carpets and striking original black and white photos paying homage to the hotel’s colorful history, read more
Conde Nast Traveller - ts lobby is a me?lange of styles: industrial exposed ceiling, Art Deco furniture, and a graffiti-splattered Rolls-Royce read more




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