La Torre Del Canonigo


Fabulous 100 - This tower from the XIV century was built on the ancient roman acropolis walls. Its privileged location allows our guests to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the whole city and the Mediterranean sea from their rooms. All this with the comfort of being in the city centre and all of its shops and leisure’s places within walking distance. read more
Telegraph - La Torre del Canónigo is hidden among the cobbled, winding streets of Dalt Vila – Ibiza’s enchanting Old Town – and stands tall overlooking the island’s only city. This is a one-of-a-kind hotel that’s hard to forget; it's steeped in history, and has a unique beguiling charm. read more
Splendia - In Dalt Vila, an old medieval village declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, next to the Cathedral of Ibiza is LA TORRE DEL CANONIGO; old building of the fourteenth century built on the walls of the ancient Roman acropolis… clients can enjoy a spectacular and impressive views of the bay of Ibiza or of beautiful views to its historic old town. read more
Little Hotels - The warm honey-coloured stone of the exterior gives way to a cool and elegant interior of stone walls and vaulted ceilings, decorated with a light touch that makes the best of the amazing masonry while never being anything less than comfortable and welcoming. read more




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