Architect Magazine - Seeking to evoke family picnics in the countryside or outdoor gatherings with friends, of a bygone time, RCR has created a semi-open event and banqueting space near Le Cols restaurant in Olot, Spain. The terrain was hollowed out to be able to make the structure unobtrusive, but also allow for beautiful views of the surrounding volcanic countryside. read more
Conde Nast Traveller - The small town of Olot in the Garrotxa National Park, two hours north of Barcelona, is home to one of Europe’s most unusual accommodations. With only five rooms, it delivers an otherworldly experience from the start. After checking in, you’re escorted to your glass-and-steel pavilion. Inside—aside from a minibar—the rooms are pure crystal cubes. read more
Design Rulz - Situated in the small Catalan town of Olot, next to the volcanic Garrotxa National Park, Les Cols Pavellons could easily be considered one of the most unusual accommodations in Spain. The property offers guests an unusual type of accommodation featuring zen décor rooms with glass floors and walls. read more
Archiweb - Chef Fina Puigdevall converted the ground floor of her family’s 13th-century house into one of the ‘world’s best-looking dining’ establishments with typical Garrotxa gastronomy and she added five luxury rooms where diners can spend the night. Local RCR architects took glass as their main ingredient. read more
Stephen Varady, Architraveller - Before the entry, a pond and vine trellis conceal a courtyard that allows natural light and ventilation into the kitchen. The kitchen however is on view to guests from inside the restaurant – a place of neat and meticulous preparation. read more




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