The Telegraph says: Home to 15 luxurious, cosy, retro-chic guestrooms on the third floor of a Covent Garden members’ club for people in the creative industries. There's a retro vibe, sophisticated rooms, good food and helpful staff. read more
The Evening Standard says: If Roger Sterling and Don Draper wanted a taste of Madison Ave in central London, they would probably head here. These days, however, you’re more likely to spot a Grimshaw or a Gandy ascending in its stainless steel lifts. The Mad Men-vibing interiors by design powerhouse Russell Sage aren’t overwhelmingly masculine but just enough to make you want to sink an Old Fashioned on entry. read more
Wallpaper says: Occupying a former 18th century hospital, the venue –which has undergone a series of makeovers throughout the years – is home to the city’s media community, providing a creative hub in which they can shine. Once again enlisting the skills of designer Russell Sage, the rooms take their queue from the rest of the club and incorporate Sage’s signature British aesthetic. read more
Suitcase Magazine says: Formerly the site of St Paul’s hospital, there is now nothing clinical about this place. Super cool but without a hint of pretension, the vibe is intimate and relaxed, and the staff are incredibly friendly. read more





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