The Inn At The Roman Forum


Condé Nast - The 12 rooms are outfitted with four-poster beds swathed in shimmering organza, fiery-orange satin pillows strewn on silk bedspreads, and oversized shaded lamps suspended from coffered wood ceilings. There’s a rooftop breakfast/cocktail terrace, and the fourth floor’s three intimate public rooms are the heart of the hotel. read more
Best At Travel says: Located in one of the Eternal City's most historically significant areas, the Inn at the Roman Forum offers an incredible insight into this ancient city. Not only is the hotel surrounded on all sides by history, but it hides its own ruins; visit the Cryptoporticus which is 2,000 years old. The hotel is luxuriously decorated in a classical style with all the modern amenities you would expect. It's not all about the history here, however, with stunning design features, excellent service and comfortable rooms, you'll be happy to return to this Roman retreat after a long day of sightseeing and shopping. Be sure not to miss the incredible views from the hotel's rooftop terrace where snacks are served in the evening. read more
Italy Heaven says: The hotel's entrance was even more low-key than I expected, with just a small brass plaque next to the doorway (see photo below left). I made my way through a corridor ornamented with archaeological fragments to the little reception office within the building. This wasn't spacious or like a traditional hotel foyer, but the receptionist was welcoming, inviting me to sit or to inspect the hotel's ruins while she registered my passport. I was brought a welcome drink and my suitcase was whisked to my room. The hotel is basically a five-storey terraced townhouse around one staircase - which is beautifully presented with a long suspended sparkling chandelier and sculptures in alcoves. There are just a few rooms off each landing. A little modern lift also connects the floors. On the fourth floor is a lounge and a small terrace. Space is obviously restricted in this kind of historic building and it would be hard for the establishment to set itself up as a traditional hotel. Instead it is a good example of an alternative to a traditional hotel: an intimate, boutique place to stay. read more




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