The Telegraph says: Of the four rooms here, two are compact, two a decent size; one has a bathtub. The best is Pimlico, charming in a cosy country way, with original floorboards, lofty, barn-like ceiling criss-crossed with rafters, pine panelling and three sash windows dressed in floor-length sage linen curtains. read more
Good Things says: Soft lit lighting, rustic decor, neutral colours, beautiful high beam ceilings and an inviting king size bed adorned with woollen blankets await. Such a room wouldn’t look out of place nestled in the Cotswolds, and yet one exists five minutes from Chelsea’s tube station. It’s quaint, quiet and the sort of place to simply recline in. read more
Rococo Chocolates says: The decor is very cosy country – original floorboards, whitewashed wardrobe, a desk on which you will find Rococo chocolates and quirky books. The bed was huge, extraordinarily comfortable and swathed in the finest linen this girl has ever slept in. The barn-style ceiling was so high that the room could easily have been turned into a mezzanine. read more
Culture Trip says: The Orange really puts the gastro in gastropub. The attractive, small front leads into a faux-rustic interior filled with distressed furniture, muted colours and bold vintage posters, creating a generally welcoming atmosphere. read more





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