Poet Jones - Although Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible you might not even notice some of their ‘green’ sustainable decisions. Like their Eco-roof with a hive for wild bees, how cool is that?! A 100% organic breakfast and tables made from recycled yogurt pots. They believe doing good can be done while looking good as well, and I totally agree with that. read more
Cubs on Tour - They encourage you to re-use your towels, they even sell eco-friendly products in their reception area. Example, they sell a solar-powered charger for phone and tablets, bamboo toothbrushes and all sorts of other bits; if you stay there make sure you check it all out and have a blast. read more
The Daily Meal - The Tire Station, so-named as it occupies... yes, a former tire factory, is the latest addition to Amsterdam’s funky and ecologically minded Conscious Hotel group. It’s only a few doors away from its sister hotel Conscious Vondelpark. This hotel group has things green on its mind, with all its hotels featuring solar power, water saving and organic local produce. read more




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