Light Speed - Amsterdam’s Zoku is bringing a new kind of hotel to travelling professionals. Facilitating a global lifestyle, Zoku is a new category unto itself within the industry — a flexible home-office hybrid, suitable for long stays, with all of the services of a hotel. read more
Tablet Hotels - Elsewhere, Zoku’s “the end of the hotel room” slogan might seem premature, but here it’s liberating: this is loft living perfected, down to the smallest detail. Clever demarcations of space give subtle cues to purpose — cook, work, create, entertain, sleep — without submitting to cubicle despotism or a complete lack of boundaries. You’ll want to stay more than the one night, especially to explore the similarly vitalized public spaces. read more
Telegraph - Forecasting the ‘death of the hotel room’, this first Zoku property in East Amsterdam dispenses with reception and room-service in favour of a co-living vibe, with creativity-inspiring communal spaces targeting long-stayers. Rooms, most with kitchenettes, are space-efficient. The staff and design are excellent. read more
Wallpaper - The newly opened Zoku is yet more evidence that the line between a hotel and one’s home is being steadily erased – to the point, in fact, where the phrase ‘home away from home’ is fast becoming a reality rather than a hackneyed marketing phrase. read more




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